SABBATH IN VENEDOCIA. ° CLA Welsh village in QoL than commotes ^ ^ r ° rkj job in Van Wert, Ohio galaxy, and icinn ^ ^ e'au America, approximately 100 miles of 10 Y and ^ '° ° ° '0 ^ ec'0) 0 DELPHOS, 18 of Lima, and SRT ^ ^ iano11 and Ohio City, and Toledo railway, P0 ^ * devour the LS and St. Louis. running through it. Before, - hi ^ rave about 300 residents, and around-^ ^ yth of an gJ'mydogaeth Welsh Oledmilldir 0 when seven or six or seven miles [this gynwysa the approximately 1000 residents, [> a6 (j ^ th of which ycl'ynt G.yinry Gian bright, and of OBJ-Q ^ dialect. was here that I went, after a trip two weeks ^, day; Thursday last, and here, for if the Lord is good, I intend to stay ^ Ti <3 next. anyddorol the, understood, to start fydaai word for Ydliad itself. Upon gydmaru and old areas TES at the best, but as the son misyriad. ^ ^ For he Darowen, Penegoes, and Valley . Dovey, along ajt egg is called William. Bebb of Riwgriafol in ^ ic. was William Bebb man hazel () d liifj, full. considered my uncle, Evan Jones VP of> him one of the most complete and men directorate bfijr ° e ^> and it was. was undoubtedly one of the sharpest men ^ and less talent. 0 wvr The Oe ^ One of the five 'talent. As the farmer HJ. ^ on the front. excelled as a scholar. ^ meter was excellent. immortalized his name by Wales at least by the late Rev.. Edw. An0oan '° The Valley, in the collection-to Bala College. Mr. Aide. Morgan to give to the people Egg collection in (), as the Arglwydd1 frequently cynorth. - io4e.d Illorl has promised to pay, when, in real-Ti. 1 3 that the amount addawsent have nebbl1 back when promised. was once a time , William Ifj had promised to the Lord "was beyond his capabilities." chej 0 whence they came. yjj But some day Wed-market Machynlleth, here's someone 0 ^, w after him, and ask him was devised to measure the ground-ai ^ Sir John Edwards, of Green, what. refund and DK-sum him much more than fYcj; He was prominent He was also with Tre- The case body and soul Mill-YthedyTi. was an adventurous man. tha al YL He raised singing there, and he was a singer coal Marine. Gofynaisi once to my uncle, Evan "'' th ^ e ^ and e ^ ywoddi Wilbam Bebb ever 1 while lifting rings. No, "said <lr0 | of calm and ymarhcus, but I saw him LJ 11 fails mynsd! over again the same goals." 'JT who was doing a wave as we went forward, to ^ 11} was 'cautious approach of not my uncle! corn That he, good though it was, tripped * 0 ^',? non age 60, penderfynod'd O'j. ani Bebb migration. cousin He had , known at the time (1846-1849), President of Ohio, where, in April 1848, the ymsefyd-t ¡1I & he, and his family, Together with another two families of ^ ydogaeth, namely Thomas property Morris, of Dol-H oa Richard Jervis, who, in fiaenor m '^ eneclociaj now. Given that William comfortable in his circumstances, and a man rich, he bought land extensively. Ymdyrai top areas in Wales to it. ° ^ yntJ and sold to d-vnorth-wyai them with money to SSU-wooded land, flat, it was, in full Vch and wild creatures, not just a few W ^ s, live. mainly ar'hela, and, terms Wildd, completely unsupervised. devoted l ^ ^ is not uni § 113 to clear the land and innovation, iojj corn to educate the minds and morals trigol el-aq * Abraham, the first thing done after J ° d 0, LR new ground 'was raised over can. Saved religious log ^ l0n the first Sunday in the cabin (j 0mas Morris, kept a forum Wednesday at 2 o'clock ^ following, and from then on. (And the ^ ech Seiat is publishing. according to the custom of the ^ ^ U '^ 0C ^! ^ "n Salem, Venedocia, today-0 ga (n - ^-Wednesday at 2 o'clock)." After six months my The medicine in the cabin, but soon began to keep it came to be detained at the house of William Bebb ^ angwbl is. 'and spent the ca In approximately five years' time raised el lad first, which cost £ 60 , and reimbursed the food on land of William Bebb. In 1856, at age 69, CNN ft 9 years after his coming to America, ° 'tj ^ ec irreparable died. William Bebb, one who is supreme erioedi on l0n the earth, and that 0 ^ ^ rock in the large cemetery nearby. burying his house .. God brought the workers stand éllth forward. In 1861, the land on which * EDiv. 1J the same. Perltref beautiful Venedocia to cldwylaw Mr. ^ alue Evans, son in-law Bebb. In 1863, he was the odd lot 18s0 first to build. ^ In AED AED survey on the place, and from then until 'in the village went on fftae increase in bar-Haus. heirdd It contains housing, some of the most masnachdai, with extensive trade, and the railway Edo-Tol, Indianopolis and St. Louis, as was said, had given station in it. Twenty years) ago The five here before, and that the progress has been almost miraculous of all things-good roads, better housing, the Town Hall's excellent-s, and residents in the areas. - shown ddiwyd1, economical, and happy. In 1866, the second chapel was built, which cost iodd 700 pounds, and third-opened the chapel, which cost around £ 4000, October 15, 16, 1898, the amount paid on its opening. A history emergence of this chapel, which, no doubt, is one of the most beautiful and grave Connexion, reads like a legend. Jubilee in 1898 was the organization. ddyrysai In-think the minister (the Rev.. Edward Roberts, He who is now Wales), how to give expertise on around-ance worthy. unintentional, such as came american, called Mr. past Lee, who noticed that there should be a new chapel, and handed five 'dollar (You) to start it. following Sunday morning, as a veteran familiar, Mr. Roberts would have had, the night after the sermon, something to show that they had seen mo HONO than ever before, and might. saw no mo HONO again. Everyone came there. said he formerly anti-American history, and shew them the dollar, asking them whether sent back, then add to it, could inspire. "Half a century 'dollar, "yet-ity answering the same old father. Cent, says the second. Two percent, said another. Five' cent, says two others. were promises of Five 'A Thousand dollars (£ 1,000) the m & - work HONO-rain very rough. After the two weeks were the promises in the Ten Thousand Dollars (£ 2,000), and by the opening day of Dollars 19,117,62 oeddis have received-or very close. £ 4,000, and now hand of the Treasurer, after paying all over R50 pounds. D'and right, Venedoxiaid! Blessed and could not not'll all audiences alike. was a quiet Sunday morning in foregwaith lovely, without nearly the same breeze of wind, but hot. Dechreuai the driveway at half past nine. was nine o'clock that the big bell rings. (By the way, perhaps I should ddweyd all places of worship are called America, as their gilydd1, in Eglwysydd) . A bell-house on top of each, and a bell in the belfry. rung the bell twice-once before the service, some half an hour before beginning, cr to in-barotoi, and again about ten munyd before the start of the service. He sang again just before rep-creation. A good gynwrf now on the road, as the audience, a big part of it, came there in a small vehicle, and a considerable distance. The chapel was full. Cartrefa all the old ! mainly in the village, and there are many of them. It is the young and middle aged here also their strength. And if anyone thinks that this dress and moral standing of the audience after audience I seen any yet The Ref-union, it is very much mistaken. singing There are also outstanding. Neither. former mumble that they have. hymns we give out the same as we put in Moriah (and one of them was a hymn 227-953), and Anas, ant they are excellent. dew-free was not the avenue, although I feel the want-circum stances are very strange and new. preached again in the evening to a packed audience as plural. ceJd But the weather is hot, The light is not very good, and me too do some feared. was bulky Avenue at two o'clock in Zion, about 5 miles from Venedocia, in another part of the area. Infrequently I preached at home for two o'clock, and today was extremely disadvantageous to 0 then. sent me there in his bnggy by my kind host, Mr.. MB Jones, who became his wife and my daughter was there with me. was the weather is very hot, the earth strangely-01 dry and dusty, and the fierce sun overhead. We fear the worst. Eventually we came there, and we had one of the chapels harddiaf-ailyn only to Venedocia, and audience beautiful to listen to. was also the singing here is magnificent. Besides these two chapels which also Vened-English audience Boccia English and chapels under the care of the Rev. 0. Evans Daniel Jones-old grandson or great-grandson of the preacher wise and commendable, the Rev.. Daniel Evans, Penrhyndeudraeth, and the well-known and beloved son to Mr. Hugh Jones from one place. Remembrance good about him and his dear wife. Bethania preach-ers who Meirionnydd West their house cozy and convenient over many years. addition, within two miles and a half to Venedocia Horeb church, under the care of the real talented minister Dr. DM Jones, who, with his audience, which came into ven- edocia my listening Sunday night. was a very joyful have special seen it, and shake hands with him. belongs to Venedocia these churches and non-oddeu 560 members, and they are among the most fruitful in churches 0 The Connexion. Here I intend to spend the time then I will be American, although I daily receive galwad'au very kind to other places. A new experience for me trying to preach to the same people every Sab-hub ., but I feel totally healthy, and not without heart. Venedocia, O., USA EVAN JONES,