Selected items from the Venedocia document archive

All these documents are pdf files and require acrobat reader to view and print.

  • Map and description of Venedocia's ground water aquifer

  • The 1998 Lions Club's land sale and long term lease back contract with the village.

  • 1994 ordinance approving the 911 phone system

  • 1994 Ohio Power contract for street lights

  • Subdivision agreement with Van Wert Regional Planning Commission to approve subdivisions within 1.5 miles of village.

  • A 1967 deed and companion deed deeding land to the village.

  • A 1949 deed deeding land to the village.

  • 1917 checks paid directly by the village, not by a bank.

  • A 1920 deed deeding land to the village.

  • 1932 Deed from the Jennings Township School Board selling the village school property to the village.

  • 1906 Deed to the village stipulating that No Intoxicating Liquor can ever be sold or consumed on the property.

  • Petition of W.J. Bebb for election to village council, 1899.

  • Specification for 6 fire cisterns, undated but probably between 1900 and 1940.

  • Original incorporation document, 1897.

  • Contract to purchase a village fire engine 1905

  • Natural Gas franchise ordinance, 1900. It is beleived that the village has never actually had natural gas service.

  • The first electric street light franchise, 1916.

  • Petition of W. C. Morgan for election to village council, 1899.

  • Telephone franchise, 1901

  • A blank 1900's Mayor's court summons. M.H. Morgan is shown on the form as village mayor. He must have expected lots of activity at his court because the archive has about 200 of these blank forms.