Venedocia government's Public Record Retention Schedule

Beginning with this schedule's adoption date of December 3, 2007, Venedocia's government will retain public records already in its possession and any future public records that come into its possession according to the following schedule. For the public's convenience and for the purpose of historical research, many of Venedocia's current and old public records are reproduced on the village government's web site,

A. Retained only until the council approves a final version.
-- Transient documents used in the preparation of council-approved records. These include preliminary council minutes, p
roposed meeting agendas, and preliminary monthly financial statements, not yet signed or initialed by council.

B. Retained for 5 years.
-- Routine communications. These include letters and other documents addressed to the Mayor or Council and discussed at public meetings, and communications sent by the Mayor or Council. Included are paper records and computer files in possession of the Mayor and the Fiscal Officer. At the end of the retention period paper will be recycled at the county recycling center.

C. Retained for 10 years.
-- Financial records. These are maintained by the Fiscal Officer and include paper and/or computer records of bills, check stubs, annual budgets, monthly reconciliations, and audit reports. Some of these will be available on the village web site. After retention, paper records will be recycled at the county recycling center.

D. Retained for 20 years.

--Council minutes: hard copy originals and computer files if available. Hard copies and computer files are retained by the Fiscal Officer or stored in the village storage building. Minutes from 1922 to the present are on the village web site. If possible, after the retention period ends, minutes will either be given to a state or county historical society or will continue to be stored in the village storage building.

E. Retained indefinitely:
Ordinances, as long as the ordinance remains valid.

-- Maps, such as plat and drainage maps, until superseded by more recent revised maps.

-- Deeds and certificates of title, until the land or property are no longer owned by the village.

-- Contracts and agreements, as long as they remain valid.

Originals of "retained indefinitely" documents are in the village storage building or in the possession of the Fiscal Officer. Many of these documents are also reproduced on the village web site.