Subject: Venedocia

Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 13:53:01 -0800

X-PH: V4.4@orb4

From: Leonard Morgenstern <>

To: <>


Dear Dr. Good:


I am engaged in transcribing some audio tapes of my family. I am working

on those of my father-in-law, Thomas Clarence "Si" Evans, and I decided

to search the web for Venedocia. Not expecting to find anything at all,

since it is such a small place, I was amazed to find an enormous amount

of material, very well organized. Thank you for doing this! I doubt there

is as much on my home town, Omaha.


Si lived in Toledo for quite a few years. During that period, my wife

remembers visting and staying with her grandparents in Venedocia on many



I have been married to Thomas Clarence "Si" Evans's daughter Mary Lou for

49 years.


I just looked at the material I sent you and realized that I had not

included the dates of Si Evans's birth and death



b. Venedocia, Ohio

d. Glenwood Springs Colorado


I have been able to locate the grave markers for Si's parents, Saddler

Evans and his wife, Sarah. They are in Row 13 of Horeb Cemetery, listed



*Evans, David J. 1858-1947, Sarah J. 1863-1962.


Leonard Morgenstern